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Christoph Waltz on NPR’s Fresh Air

Christoph Waltz on NPR’s Fresh Air

dream date

You’ve all noticed my C. Waltz obsession appreciation by now, probably.  Well, it soared to new and dangerous heights after I listened to his utterly delightful, charming, erudite interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air.  It’s a couple of months old now, but it is SO worth listening to and downloading so you can listen to it and have a heart attack when you’re riding the train or out for a run or something.  And to put out the fire with gasoline, I happened upon this quote from Quentin Tarantino today:

It [friendship with Waltz] has definitely evolved into a lovely, tender, glorious friendship that I cherish very much. He is a truly magnificent artist. I’m very lucky to have him play my characters. He truly sings my dialogue. He makes it poetry…

He’s a man of high culture, who promotes high culture. I like to promote low culture. But I have an appreciation for high culture. And he has appreciation for low culture. So we actually feed each other in nice ways. We have these really interesting, profound discussions which you wouldn’t think we would be having serious discussions about.

He takes me to operas and ballets. It’s really nice.

I like all of those things too, Christoph!  Why can’t we be best friends?  Life is SO unfair.

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