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not in our stars, but in ourselves

Happy birthday, Miss Monroe



Whether she was out and about…

Marilyn Monroe, NYC, 1958


…emulating one of her own idols in a game of dress-up (here, Jean Harlow)…


Marilyn Monroe as Jean Harlow-1


…being a far better comedienne than most people ever gave her credit for, and even acting Olivier off the screen…


sleepy elsie


…posing as simply and unprovocatively as possible, and still being the sexiest (and loveliest) person ever photographed…


marilyn 2


…exuding what even this atheist would call angelic beauty while frolicking at the beach…




…and being more beautiful than ever twenty years after she began to take the world by sheer force of her charm, wit, attractiveness, and sadness…




…Marilyn Monroe was quite something.  She would have been 87 today, and I’m sure she’d still be the best-looking (funniest, most caring, loveliest) person in most rooms if she were still here.


One comment on “Happy birthday, Miss Monroe

  1. Karen
    June 2, 2013

    I can’t say I’ve ever been a big Monroe fan, but I did think she was great in The Misfits, though it sounds like it was a torturous production for her. It’s kind of crazy to think that Clift–another tragic story–survived both Monroe and Gable.

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