more stars than in the heavens

not in our stars, but in ourselves

programming notes, of sorts.



Obviously, I’ve been doing a very bad job of watching movies on a regular basis, and an even worse job of writing about them.  Life is settling down, however, now that I’m settling in; and so, with my usual overzealousness, I am trying to develop some stick-to-it-iveness.  The 250 Film Challenge has fallen by the wayside these past few weeks, and so I’ll try to ramp that up again.  At this rate, it will probably take me about two years to finish – but finish I shall, come hell or high water.


Since it’s almost officially summer, and definitely the official summer movie season, I think I’ll focus a lot on blockbusters for the next few weeks and months.  While I love my Weimar-era silents and pre-Code sex romps as much as any serious cinephile, I also love a good action flick.  Give me your superheroes, your alien invasions, your John McClanes yearning to breathe free.


Anyway, I hope you’ll all enjoy.  I know I will, anyway.  Thanks for sticking around during these lean times.  If you did, anyway.  If you didn’t, to hell with you.


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