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Birthday Edition of The Beautiful People: Judy Garland


Frances Ethel Gumm, better known to the likes of you and me as Judy Garland, would have been 91 today.  She was an absolute all-time great: a phenomenal voice, extraordinary charisma, sparkling wit, deep sensitivity, etc., etc.  She was, and is, the rare star who genuinely brightens any role and film – no matter what her personal problems were at the time of filming, no matter how stupid the movie was, no matter what.  She was also almost pathologically insecure, thanks in no small part to cruel studio bosses at MGM; and so, my very small birthday gift to lovely Miss Garland is to assure her that she was, and is, a knock-out.

She was an adorable little girl…


and a lovely teenager…


and a gorgeous fixture in any studio’s firmament…



and, finally, a hauntingly beautiful woman who died far too young.

Judy Garland dramatic photo



And of course, there was that voice.  If all you know is “Over the Rainbow,” hie thee to YouTube and start exulting.  One of my favorites is her version of “Time After Time” – I am just nuts about that dress, and that rhumba beat.  If you’re not crying after watching/listening, I don’t know what to tell you.


2 comments on “Birthday Edition of The Beautiful People: Judy Garland

  1. Karen
    June 11, 2013

    I became totally fascinated with Judy Garland after reading her biography when I was very young. Hearing her sing Over the Rainbow or Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas = instant tears. (Though the original lyrics for Have Yourself–not the ones she sand in the film–are pretty hiliarious.)

  2. Lovely post. You might like Susie Boyt’s My Judy Garland Life about growing up a Judy Garland fan.

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