more stars than in the heavens

not in our stars, but in ourselves

resolve or something

Dear Internet,

I am sorry I’m so neglectful.

I’m not, really.  I lurk, I contemplate, I scheme.  But I don’t write anything.  It’s still difficult for me to find the mental energy to sit down and watch a film or read a book, let alone to form cogent thoughts about either.  I want to, but there’s something in me that still feels broken and tired and sad, etc., so – with a few small spurts of activity here and there – it’s just not happening.

So I have a proposal, I’m afraid.  This blog will go from focusing solely on movies to focusing on – I apologize in advance – me.  It will become a personal blog, just to keep me writing and in an effort to stimulate some sort of discipline.

It’s been a hard and horrible year.  It’s hit me pretty hard, and I am sorry if you’ve come here expecting brilliance and have been met with this.



I’ll try to be and to do better next year, guys.  Good riddance, 2013.  Please be nice to me, 2014.


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