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Monthly Archives: January, 2014

stolen, as ever

As any good movie fan would be, I’ve been following awards season mayhem with some slight interest.  For the most part, I pay attention to the fashion, and that’s mostly … Continue reading

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the persistence of memory

A snowstorm last week, ludicrously cold weather earlier this week, and now temperatures so high that the snow is literally turning into vapor.  Climate change?  What climate change? Okay, I … Continue reading

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Snowed in with Redrum

It’s the first snowpocalypse of the new year, and I thought there was no better way to commemorate it than with The Shining (1980).  I know, I know: what an original thinker … Continue reading

January 3, 2014 · 1 Comment

should old acquaintance be forgot

Ah, yes.  Another year. I hope you all had a nice New Year’s Eve.  Mine was full of German food (my housemates like to do themed feasts), all different kinds … Continue reading

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