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Monthly Archives: December, 2014

Keep the devil down in the hole

While the holidays have disrupted my viewing somewhat, I’ve been watching as much of The Wire marathon on HBO as possible.  Somehow or other, this is the first time HBO has actually … Continue reading

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Year in Review, Electric Boogaloo: 2014 Edition

I post something like this end-of-the-year summary every December, and I suppose I’ll put it here, too.  Some slight edits and obfuscations, because I know you’re all creeps.   What … Continue reading

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Dear god.  What a rotten world we live in. Let’s start at the end, with the most recent development: Sony is completely canceling any release plans for the Seth Rogen-James … Continue reading

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Totem and Taboo and the Babadook Too

Before I begin, two things: (1) There will be spoilers aplenty in this review, so get out of here now if you haven’t yet seen the film; and (2) I … Continue reading

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good, bad, ugly

In reverse order: The Ugly I don’t have anything insightful to say about the horrifying, entrenched racism that has allowed white police officers all over the United States to kill … Continue reading

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courage, ma petite.

As you may know, and as you may have a hard time believing, I actually studied film.  Like, at two separate tertiary institutions.  I got my B.A. in Literature, technically, … Continue reading

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