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Coming attractions, for real


Hey!  Remember when I mostly wrote about movies here?  Yeah, me neither.  I’ve been writing – intermittently at that – about my dumb life and pet peeves and so on, for months now.  I haven’t felt great about it, but I’ve also felt somewhat at a loss.  Ages and ages ago, I resolved to do the 250 film challenge.  It went tits up.  I started working full-time, sank into a bit of a bad-feelings-swamp, and didn’t do much of anything – whether watching movies or writing about them.  Things got better, I got better, but I was definitely out of practice.

And so.  Despite my love of movies, despite thinking about them all the time, despite reading about them daily, despite lurking in the shadows of my own favorite thing – I haven’t been nearly as diligent about making myself sit down, watch a film, think about it, and write something, anything, in a very long time.

As usual, Tumblr came to my rescue.

Today, I happened upon this post: a 2015 movie challenge.



52 weeks, 52 movies.  Eminently doable.  I’ve already figured out which movies I’ll watch; they’re all scribbled in my little movie notebook; and I even have a plan for when to watch/write.  I do nothing on Saturdays, usually: no gym, no socializing, no errands, no nothing.  It’s a complete day off.  Truthfully, I’m usually bored out of my mind – so this will be a good project on two fronts: getting me back into something resembling a film criticism routine, and keeping my mind slightly more alert on the most boring day of my week.

So!  Watch this space.  I’ll have some catching up to do, in order to get on track, but I’m actually excited to get going.  All you wonderful people out there in the dark, please do hold me accountable.  Yell at me if I go weeks and months without writing anything.

Thanks for your time and patience, Internet Strangers.  More soon.


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