more stars than in the heavens

not in our stars, but in ourselves

wake me when it’s April


Here in Boston, we are forecast to get at least two feet of snow between tonight and tomorrow.  Possibly three.  This winter has actually been pretty light on snow so far, but I wish this had all been doled out over the course of several weeks – not arriving all at once.  There is an official state of emergency declared, banning all travel (even public transit, apparently) from midnight through tomorrow.  The French Toast Alert Level is at Severe, meaning that every grocery store in Massachusetts has been overrun with panicked shoppers.  My fella went to the store last night, and he said it was like a “crater” – bread, milk, and eggs all but obliterated.  He hit the packie*, though, so we’ll be fine.  Who needs food?

Good news for me, especially if I have to be snowed in: I finally thought to sign up for Hulu Plus.  No, I do not know why I hadn’t done it sooner.  Shut up.  Anyway, Hulu often advertises itself as the source of all TV, and there’s plenty of that.  However, I am most excited about having unlimited streaming access to the Criterion Collection.  As wonderful as the additional essays and features accompanying all Criterion DVDs/BluRays are, the films themselves are the main point**.  Right?  And now I can watch them ALL whenever I want, in the squalor of my own bedroom!

The bad news for me as a frequent pedestrian, however: people are idiots and do not shovel the sidewalks in front of their houses.  Nor do they salt or sand.  We had a small snowstorm on Saturday, and walking from my house to the train was a nightmare this morning.  I have pretty sturdy sea-legs (or ice-legs) and quick reflexes, so I’ve thus far avoided falling ass over teakettle, but it’s probably only a matter of time.  I can’t even imagine how stupid it will be when we’re buried alive under three feet of snow.  Ughhhhhhhhhhh.  I hate winter, and I always have.  At least the days are getting longer.

*Is this a Massachusetts-only term?  I’ve never troubled to look it up.  It’s short for “package store,” which is what we call liquor stores here.  In Australia, they call it a “bottle-o,” which is pretty cute, I think.  What do you call your liquor stores, O International Readership, other than the source of all life?

**Not that I’d turn down the Essential Art House collection, if you felt like sending it to me.  A mere $650 for film’s greatest offerings?  A steal!


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