more stars than in the heavens

not in our stars, but in ourselves

Sportsball Sunday!


Today is the Superbowl, in case you hadn’t heard, and I guess people are pretty into it.  Obviously, I am hoping the Patriots win, and I also hope Gronk reads more of his erotica out loud.  Mostly, however, I hope to pass out temporarily during the halftime show, because why does anyone else even bother trying?  The Queen gave us the most ***flawless performance of all time. in 2013.

If that’s not your speed, (a) you’re wrong, and (b) perhaps you’d prefer the East vs. West Rap Battle.

Dan Smith has great flow.

And finally, even if you don’t like sportsball, even if you’re a diehard Pats fan or a fairweather Seahawks fan, even if you hate rap battles and superior performances by the Queen Bey, I think we can all agree that both Rob Gronkowski and Marshawn Lynch are wonderful people with whom I would very much enjoy playing Mario Kart.

Anyway, go sports!  Do the thing!  Get the point!


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