more stars than in the heavens

not in our stars, but in ourselves

Czech it out

Two things, dear reader(s).

1. Last night, my fella and I watched The Trial, Orson Welles’s version of the Franz Kafka novel.  It stars Anthony “Perfectkins” Perkins – a favorite of mine, as you may know – and so I was anticipating enjoying it. “Enjoyment” is perhaps the wrong word to use for something based on Kafka – but it was an excellent, batshit-crazy movie.  It was not lost on Welles that the endless bureaucratic nightmare mazes of Kafka’s work came to fruition in the Soviet Union: rather than make a period film, Welles made a film that was very much of 1962 – with room-size computers and everything – but set in some mysterious place behind the Iron Curtain.  The buildings are miserable blocks yawning up into the overcast sky; the grounds are all muddy clods of grass; the offices are what would now cheerfully be termed “open concept” warehouses; and the sense of abject futility pervades every frame.  In a nutshell: communism.


I would also like to call attention to my darling, my darling, my life and my bride – uh…I mean…hmmm – Perfectkins.  There are a number of long shots and sequences in The Trial, and my boy carries them all with aplomb.  The script gets pretty talky sometimes, but he never misses a beat. (Supposedly, some of his dialogue was re-dubbed by Welles himself – and Welles did such a great job that Perkins couldn’t tell where he stopped and Awesome Orson began.) Anyway, I would just like to urge all of you, if you know him only from Psycho, to investigate more of Perfectkins’s work.  He was so talented, and so beautiful, and I get so sad when I think about what a rotten hand he was dealt.

2. For whatever reason, I have recently been obsessed with Antonin Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9 – “From the New World.” I think it’s quite seasonally appropriate, as there’s something suitably late winter/early spring about it, but I can’t explain it beyond that.  There are little moments of grace and pathos, grand moments of fire and passion, and it’s been speaking to me especially clearly of late.  Here, I’ve even spared you searching for it yourself.  Go on, have a listen.

What did I tell you?  Sublime, right?  That’s right.


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