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midweek roundup AND more questions & answers!

Aren’t you all inordinately lucky on this fine Wednesday?  Let’s start with the questions, these from Brian:

you are doing time for a crime (which you didn’t commit) and the warden says you are only allowed ten movies. What are they?

I wonder what I was accused of doing?  Hmm.  Anyway, I think the movies that give me the greatest pleasure on repeated viewing are as follows:

Blazing Saddles
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Swing Time
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Trouble in Paradise
Singin’ in the Rain
Inglourious Basterds
Footlight Parade

Basically, lots of comedies, lots of music, lots of spectacle.  These are all movies that I can (and do) quote on a very regular basis, because I love them to death, and I’ve seen them a million times each.


Did Rhett and Scarlett get back together again?

Lord, I hope not.  I hope Rhett realized that he’d finally broken free from some crazy pussy ™ and would do better with Belle Watkins or something.  I know, I know – how dare I speak ill of Scarlett O’Hara!  Well, folks, she does consistently bad things.  Them’s the breaks.  If, however, they did eventually reunite, I hope it’s after Scarlett takes a long, hard look at herself, and works earnestly on being a better person.  Rhett is basically a good guy, I think, and he deserves a good woman.  Scarlett is smart, strong, tough, and eventually even generous.  She just needs to work on, like, not tormenting the men in her life.

All that being said, however, I wouldn’t blame him if he took her back.  Vivien Leigh was one of the top five most beautiful women ever filmed, and that is literally a fact.


Were Nick and Nora the best hollywood couple?

They’re certainly strong contenders for the title.  The understanding, the humor, the obvious enjoyment of each other’s company – they got marriage right.  I would offer the following as equally strong contenders: Peter and Ellie from It Happened One Night, Tracy and C.K. DEXTER HAAAAAAAVEN! from The Philadelphia Story, Chester and Nan from Footlight Parade, Tess and Sam from Woman of the Year.  And every Fred and Ginger movie.

Annex - Cagney, James (Crowd Roars, The)_NRFPT_05

And now for something completely different.

1. It’s the second anniversary of the Boston bombings – or, as I guess we’re now calling it, One Boston Day.  Mayor Walsh is asking for everyone to commemorate one of the worst days in Boston’s history by doing acts of kindness.  It’s a very nice way to mark an awful anniversary, and I hope plenty of people are following suit. (No, I don’t especially care for the name, but it’s better than calling it Bombing Day or something.)

2. This is blowing my mind:


Beethoven was SHORTER than Mozart?!  No way!  No frickin’ way.  I knew Rachmaninov was a beast, and I’m delighted/inappropriately thrilled to know that Liszt was as tall as he was dark and handsome – but Ludwig?  Shorter than little Wolfy?!  Crazy!

3. Yesterday or today (I forget), Salon posted this Saturday essay from The Rumpus.  While I’m not sure I’d take as hard a line as Anna March (the author), I basically agree with her point: namely, that all too many TV shows (and quite a few movies) rely on violence against women as a plot point, as an easy way to cast someone as a bad guy, as a desensitizing tool that makes audiences ignore real-life violence against women – because on TV, there are so many neat resolutions and happy endings, so why worry about reality?  You could argue that, because violence against women is so endemic, it helps to raise awareness by depicting it on TV every week; however, March argues that the women are never the point.  The violence is the point: women are, as ever, just objects to be used, abused, thrown away, whatever.  Worth a read.


4. Finished The Fall.  Will write more soon.


2 comments on “midweek roundup AND more questions & answers!

  1. wordpooh
    April 15, 2015

    Wait, is your desert island list flexible? What about “Babe”, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest”, “The Kid” or “Ninotchka”?

    • mcwhirk
      April 15, 2015

      It’s moderately flexible, but I think they’re all pretty solid choices. Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’m not REALLY going to prison. I can continue to watch Babe and cry about it whenever I want.

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