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A mission from God / a dog chasing cars



I rewatched The Blues Brothers recently, and it seemed more apparent to me than ever that Christopher Nolan makes more than a few passing references to Jake and Elwood’s exploits in The Dark Knight.  Consider:

– the character of Gotham is played mostly by the city of Chicago, The Blues Brothers‘ setting
– the fantastic mall car chase in The Blues Brothers seems to be some sort of influence on a similar (less hilarious) chase in The Dark Knight (note: the clip I linked to actually includes the beginning of The Blues Brothers scene, because I am not wrong about this!)
– Carrie Fisher’s wildcard jilted bride, intent on destroying Jake (and Elwood, if he’s around), isn’t all that different from the Joker
– the final car chase through the entire goddamn city of Chicago (complete with elaborate pile-ups and flying Nazi cars) is just a funnier version of the badass semi vs. armored police vehicle chase in The Dark Knight

Am I right, or am I crazy?  Don’t answer that, actually.  In any event, it seems to me that you could argue strongly in favor of some strong parallels between the two.  At the very least, The Blues Brothers is to The Dark Knight as “He’s So Fine” is to “My Sweet Lord“: perhaps an unconscious homage, but an unmistakable one all the same.

P.S. If church were actually like this one, I’d go literally every day and twice on Sundays – as long as a belief in God isn’t a prerequisite for all the fun.


2 comments on “A mission from God / a dog chasing cars

  1. Benjamin M. Goodman
    May 14, 2015

    You have blown my mind.

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