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hither and thither: midweek roundup

I watched Guardians of the Galaxy for the plot.

I watched Guardians of the Galaxy for the plot.

1. One swallow does not make a summer (so to speak), but Flavorwire thinks there’s been a noticeable uptick in the number of movies/TV shows that cater to the female gaze.  This particular female isn’t all that interested in Magic Mike XXL, but I do hope this is a trend.


2. Screencrush thinks Arnold Schwarzenegger is an auteur.  I think Matt Singer may have forgotten that, in the studio system, stars had particular personalities and appeared in movies with particular themes all the time; and Ahnuld is closer to fitting that mold than he is to fitting an auteur mold; but it’s an interesting idea, anyway.  Certainly, the Governator has willed himself to be what he is now – something that very few stars, past or present, can rightfully boast.


3. Bree Newsome is fierce and flawless.  Her statement is humble, eloquent, passionate, and I can’t recommend reading it (and taking it to heart) enough.  She asks, “I refuse to be ruled by fear.  How can America be free and be ruled by fear?  How can anyone be?” It’s a great question, especially considering the fear-based theatre-masquerading-as-politics we have now.  Too many of our supposed leaders appeal to fear – fear of The Other, fear of poverty, fear of a loss of freedom – and we let that control our decisions and actions.  That’s not freedom.  That’s manipulation and puppetry.  Newsome saw through that, engaged in an act of civic disobedience, accepted the consequences, and will continue to fight to eradicate racist symbols, practices, and thinking.  That’s how to ensure that we’re all free.

4. In case you’re a racist piece of shit, however, and you’d rather hear indisputable facts about the racist origins/meaning of the Confederate flag from a white guy, here’s a searing article from the Washington Post.  The flag has never meant anything other than hatred.  End of discussion.

5. Donald Trump’s racist ass is going to get beaten with a bat in Mexico.  High time.

6. You know how whiteboys ruin everything?  Here’s a compendium of some of the times they insulted (or worse) a female critic who dared dislike a movie they felt was “theirs.” Do y’all know that you’re a parody of yourselves sometimes?  What’s it like to be so convinced of your own rightness and certainty, despite never listening to anyone else, and yet so terribly sensitive when someone has the gall to make you question your own status as the universal default?  Please explain it to me.  I’ll never understand it, not even with my empathy turned up to 11.


7. Oh, also, speaking of whiteboys, Laura Hudson wrote a great piece about how inherently lazy (and awful, and insulting) it is to use rape as a plot device.  If I have to have this argument with one more whiteboy, I will honestly move to the moon.


8. In more personal/programming news: tomorrow night, I’m going away, so I’ll miss Hannibal when it’s on.  I expect I’ll be able to watch it on Friday, but my dumb little review will be later than usual.  Apologies.  I know how you all cling to my every word.  Right?  Hey, why are you all laughing?!


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