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Congratulations, Los Angeles!


On behalf of the City of Boston, I’d like to extend hearty congratulations to you on this momentous day: the day that the Boston 2024 bid has most likely received its death blow.  Yes, today, beginning at 9:45 a.m. EST, Mayor Marty Walsh officially went on the record to say that he’d refuse to sign any sort of agreement that would commit Boston to paying for any cost overruns; Governor Charlie Baker has said repeatedly that he won’t commit to the Games one way or another until he sees a thorough report on what it’s actually likely to cost, so no agreement from him, either; and, since the USOC wants the agreement signed sooner than the Boston 2024 committee can possibly provide those answers, it looks like the Wicked Witch is dead.  Ding, dong!

There’s been some concern that the USOC would lose face for decades if the Boston 2024 bid fell through, but fortunately, there’s another contender – one that wants the Olympics.  Yes, that’s you, Los Angeles!  You did a bang-up job in 1984, and we here in Boston couldn’t be happier than to see you host again 40 years later.  This post has some sharp words for Boston, but it effectively lays out why Los Angeles should get the Games in 2024:

Compare to Los Angeles:

Poll numbers in the high 70s. The mayor, Eric Garcetti, eager to bring the Games to town. The city council — 15 members — unanimously in support. Same for the five-person county board of supervisors: unanimously in support. Backing as well from all around Southern California, including the mayors of towns such as Santa Monica and Pasadena, where events would be held. The governor — Jerry Brown, everyone — on board, too, with a signed letter of support to the USOC. The leaders of the state legislature — they’re in support, too.

Indeed, Los Angeles provided to the USOC the signatures of the governor and state senate and Assembly leadership, what in California political circles is called the “Big Five.” That letter got done in one day. What does that show? Not only that LA is America’s Olympic city. But it’s where Olympic stuff gets done.

This is all public. This is all on the record.

Yes!  Please!  Take the Olympics, and have a blast.  Here in Boston, we would rather focus on fixing our city because we – the citizens and workers of the City of Boston – deserve better infrastructure and public transportation; not because we signed some Faustian bargain to leave taxpayers with a 30-year mortgage on a velodrome. (We already got saddled with a big mortgage we didn’t really agree to.  You may have heard of it.) If you Angelenos are in decent enough shape to focus on rehabbing your extant Coliseum, go nuts.  We still need to figure out how to keep our subway from literally falling apart.  We need to send a clear message to a group of construction company creeps that they don’t get to call the shots.

Oh, and just a thought, in case the IOC is listening: please consider just building two permanent Olympic cities, and stop subjecting the rest of us to your ridiculous charades.

Grumpy NIMBY Bostonian who sincerely hopes this is the end of Boston 2024, and who wishes Los Angeles 2024 all the luck in the world

EDIT: Boston 2024 is officially dead!  Sound the trumpets!  Beat the drums!

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