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not in our stars, but in ourselves

PSA / mea culpa

Me avoiding my responsibilities

Me avoiding my responsibilities

I know.  I know.  I’m the worst.  This has always been true, of course, but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel bad about it.  In this particular instance, I am the worst (and I feel bad about it) because I’m several weeks behind in my silly movie project.  What kind of a loser finds it difficult to watch and write about one movie per week?  This kind.  Sigh.

Do I have excuses?  Of course I do!  All losers have excuses.  Let’s see.  Well, for the past year, I’ve essentially been living in two places: half the time at my boyfriend’s, half the time at my place.  The longer you live without one solid home base, the more exhausting it becomes – or so I’ve found.  During the past few weeks, especially, I’ve found it incredibly hard to find the mental energy to concentrate enough on one thing to be able to write about it cogently. (If you’ve been reading my Hannibal reviews, you probably agree with that, wholeheartedly.) This is due, in part, to the cumulative effects of hoboing around from one place to the other.  It’s also been due to increased dog-sitting activity: one of my housemates is working overseas this summer, and she’s usually the one to do most of the dog-related tasks in the house.  Now, I don’t mind spending more time with, and doing more things for, Lucky.  It’s one more thing I have to find time for, however, and it cuts into the time I’d otherwise spend in idleness and introspection.

Don’t you worry, though.  In less than two weeks, I’ll be moving to a new apartment with my fella, and that will eliminate all the excuses I’ve built up.  I’ll have one solid home base (and a proper home, to boot!), and I won’t have the puppy (even though that part makes me sad).  I won’t even have a commute anymore: our new place is literally a few minutes’ walk from where I work.  There is an end in sight to my appalling neglect of all self-imposed duties.  Fear not.

(You’d like to think that I’ve been so busy packing that I’ve found it hard to find time to watch/write about a movie a week – but that is sadly far from the truth.  Next couple of weeks are going to be hurricanes of activity.)

Anyway, I’ll try to catch up this week, and try to avoid falling behind in the upcoming fortnight, but I really will get my act together soon.  Honest.


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