more stars than in the heavens

not in our stars, but in ourselves

programming note, heartbreak edition


Okay, not actual heartbreak.  Not for me, anyway.  Just a note for you Fannibals: as we all know, NBC tried to bury the latter half of season three by moving it to Saturday nights at 10:00.  This is a real dick move, because I am an old woman and have trouble staying up that late after I’ve been drinking for a couple of hours, but I’ve soldiered through.  City, the Canadian station broadcasting Hannibal, has continued to air it on Thursdays at 10:00.  Mostly, I’ve avoided spoilers, at least long enough to see the episode on Saturday nights.

Well, goddammit, wouldn’t you know: this Saturday, I will be out of town.  I assume my friends would prefer for me not to sit there enthralled by the TV for an hour while they gag at all the (likely) blood and gore.  If it were just any episode, this might not be such a problem.  However, this Saturday, it’s the season (NOT series, la la la I can’t hear you) finale.  The internet will be freaking out.  Now, I’ll be back by Sunday night, so I can see it then, but I’m basically going to have to avoid checking my phone for ANY reason between 11:00 p.m. Saturday and whenever I return on Sunday.

Life used to be simpler, didn’t it?  Oh, well.  Will try to have my dumb review or whatever up by Monday.

[It did occur to me to try to find a not-quite-legal stream of the Canadian airing tonight…but I suppose I’d better wait to see it on a screen bigger than my dinky little laptop.  SIGH.]


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