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To my amazement, the year is about 75% complete. (Time flies like no other; fruit flies like bananas.) To my even greater amazement, I’m actually (mostly) keeping up with my weekly movie challenge!  It’s been good practice for me – even if it hasn’t been fun reading for you – to watch something and force myself to think about it somewhat critically, and then to write 1000 words or so.  Somewhere in the back of my mind, I do have vague ambitions of being an occasionally paid writer, rather than just a blogger, so keeping in the habit of writing to a (loose, admittedly, and often very flexible) deadline has been helpful.

With 2016 looming, however, and with my knowledge that I tend to be a lazy little lump if I don’t have a project, plan, or theme to motivate me, I’m trying to think of ways to continue flexing those muscles.  Well, friends, I pay something like $8 a month for Hulu.  Hulu is mostly useful for TV shows – it’s how I got my boyfriend to watch The Thick of It, and how he’s getting me now to watch Fargo (which is CRAZY good, oh my god, you guys have been holding out on me) – and less useful for movies.


Hulu is home to hundreds and hundreds of movies in the Criterion Collection, all waiting and pleading for me to stream them and immerse myself in deep cinephilia.  Indeed, Criterion was the entire reason I signed up for Hulu instead of Netflix (which my boyfriend has anyway, so we are well covered as far as streaming services go.) A few weeks ago, I went through the collection and added a bunch of them to my queue on Hulu, but guess how many I’ve actually watched. (I’ve watched some, okay.  Geez.  Cut me some slack, Jack.) Many of them are big, big, big deals in film history and culture – and, faker that I am, I haven’t seen nearly enough.

So!  Next year’s mission, should I choose to accept it, will be Tackling the Hulu Queue.  It will be similar to the 2015 Movie Challenge, where I watch/write about one film a week.  Maybe more, if I’m feeling frisky, but I know myself well enough not to set any task as crazy as, like, two movies/posts a week. (I’m not kidding about how lazy I am.) Also, I don’t want to overburden this blog with a bunch of arthouse and world cinema, at the expense of everything else.  Of course I need to delve more deeply into those more challenging areas of film – but I also need to have fun and watch a pre-Code sexcapade, or a dumb Mel Brooks movie, or a shitty made-for-TV abomination that practically requires getting soused to watch the whole thing. (Uh, not that that’s ever happened.)

Stay tuned, dear readers.  All kinds of fun coming up next year.


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