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Obviously, I need to keep myself much busier here.  While you can all rely on weekly (-ish) installments in the 2015 Movie Challenge, other movie viewings and reviews are much more sporadic.  I mean, I watch movies often enough, but I don’t always feel like writing about them.  The other night, I watched Clue.  What, especially, do I have to say about Clue?  It was fun and I liked it.  There’s your review.  Not meaty enough, you know?

Fortunately for me – and for you, dear readers! – some good TV is coming up in October.


– I recently discovered that we get TCM.  This is good news in general, but it’s specifically good news for all us feminist film fans: all month long, and throughout each October for the next few years, TCM will spotlight “trailblazing women” in film.  There aren’t many female directors, but they’ve existed, and they exist now, and in order for them to continue existing (in greater numbers, one hopes), it’s important to make sure people know about them.  It’s important to stop pretending that the default for genius is white, male, cis, straight.  Highlighting female geniuses, trailblazers, badasses, etc., might inspire an entire generation of young women to break down all those stubborn barriers that still surround Hollywood.  Anyway, the schedule is here.  It all kicks off tomorrow, with early film pioneers like Alice Guy-Blaché and Lotte Reiniger.  Not everyone is lucky enough to get TCM – but if you do, be sure to tune in on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

WHY is his face so SMOOTH????

WHY is his face so SMOOTH????

– My boyfriend had the good sense to sit me down and introduce me to Fargo, which we blitzed through in a few days.  I loved it – the way it told its own story while still including a few handfuls of clever nods to the movie it’s inspired by – and I especially loved that I managed to get addicted to something that was definitely coming back.  The second season, or arc, or whatever (is this one of those “anthology series,” like American Horror Story or True Detective? ugh, perish the thought of Fargo ever being included in the same sentence as either of those for any other reason), begins October 12th.  I am slightly nervous about having to watch Patrick Wilson every week, because even though I know he’s a decent actor, I feel irrational hatred for him and his freakishly smooth face.  Let’s hope I can get beyond that.

The Knick - New HBO show

– Also coming back: The Knick.  I am MEGA excited for this.  Is it ultimately a soapy hospital procedural?  Maybe, but in the way that Twin Peaks is a soapy small-town melodrama.  It takes that as its source, and elevates it to new heights. (Incredibly weird new heights, in the case of Twin Peaks.) While I was fairly certain that the second season of True Detective would break my heart, I’m much more confident that The Knick will reward my faith.  True Detective was, in its first season, a gimmick that got lucky with a great director and a shockingly great pair of lead actors.  The Knick is still Steven Soderbergh’s baby, still supervised by a real-life medical historian, still likely to offer some dazzling highs – whether we’re on coke this season, or heroin. It comes back on October 16th.

Here’s the plan: as long as neither The Knick nor Fargo disappoints abysmally from week to week, I’ll do a weekly write-up of each, the way I did the third season of Hannibal. (Come back, come baaaaaaaaaack!) It may take me a couple of days to get to Fargo, because it airs on Monday nights at the time when I usually start falling asleep, but I’ll try to watch and write in a somewhat timely fashion.  The Knick will be easy, because it airs on Friday nights, and I’m a loser with no life.  I would love to keep up with all the Trailblazing Women on TCM, but we’ll see how we go.  Some Tuesdays and Thursdays will be easier than others.

Sound good?  Oh, hooray, I knew you’d think so.


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