more stars than in the heavens

not in our stars, but in ourselves

turning the tables, for feminism

Me irl

Me irl

If you’re reading this, you have an internet connection.  If you have an internet connection, you know that it’s International Women’s Day: something that began as a Soviet holiday to honor all their female comrades, and that has since been anesthetized to be more of a generic, featureless girl-power day.  That’s nice, and I’m all for the celebrations of female achievement, the calls for equality, the listicles about great women, etc., that are so prolific today.  However, in the interests of feminism, I am instead going to go ahead and objectify some of the men who make me unbearably thirsty.  This has nothing to do with my opinion of their talent or of their personalities.  I mean, they’re all talented, or else I wouldn’t know about them; and even if there have been some #problematic situations with some of these boys, I (a) don’t know what you’re talking about, and (b) don’t care.  This isn’t about who they are.  This is about what they look like.  This is scopophilia, plain and simple.  To that end: I’m not even going to write about these guys, beyond the most basic biographic details.  My emotions and thoughts are not what we’re here to talk about.  In fact, we’re not here to talk at all.  Come on, boys.  You know I don’t want you for your conversation.

Buster Keaton
Born: October 4, 1895, Piqua, Kansas
Sign: Libra


Franz (or Francis) Lederer
Born: November 6, 1899, Prague
Sign: Scorpio


Joseph Cotten
Born: May 15, 1905, Petersburg, Virginia
Sign: Taurus

Shadow-Cotten-Are-They-590px (1)

Gene Kelly
Born: August 23, 1912, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sign: Virgo


Toshiro Mifune
Born: April 1, 1920, Qingdao (China!)
Sign: Aries


Anthony “Perfectkins” Perkins
Born: April 4, 1932, New York City, New York
Sign: Aries

Annex - Perkins, Anthony_03

Rudolf Nureyev
Born: March 17, 1938, Irkutsk
Sign: Pisces


Harrison Ford
Born: July 13, 1942, Chicago, Illinois
Sign: Cancer


Ewan McGregor
Born: March 31, 1971, Perth
Sign: Aries

maxresdefault (5)

Idris Elba
Born: September 6, 1972, London
Sign: Virgo


Michael Fassbender
Born: April 2, 1977, Heidelberg
Sign: Aries



Tom Hardy
Born: September 15, 1977, London
Sign: Virgo


Oscar Isaac
Born: March 9, 1979, Guatemala (no precise location available on Google, ugh)
Sign: Pisces

Star Wars Celebration 2015

Tom Hiddleston
Born: Feburary 9, 1981, Westminster
Sign: Aquarius


Eris Nezha
Born: April 27, 1982, Tirana
Sign: Taurus




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