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It’s another big day for primaries, and despite the prognostications of “radical centrist” Carl Diggler, I very much hope Bernie Sanders will sweep the Midwest in a convincing fashion, and do far better than expected in North Carolina and Florida.  I read this article this morning, and I think it gets at the heart of the matter: HRC is peddling a very status quo presidency, one that presumes we’re all doing just fine; while Sanders is emphasizing that people are suffering needlessly, and we need to change that.  Think of them as Nurse Ratched and Doc Cochran.  One just wants you to stay put, take your medicine sometimes, and maybe go up to electro-shock if you get too unruly; the other wants to do his best to make sure not only that you avoid killing yourself or being killed, but that the quality of your life improves.

DEADWOOD: Brad Dourif. photo: Doug Hyun

Feelin’ the Bern, or at least a pulse.

But anyway, you may have seen this floating around:


It originated, as far as I can tell, here.  Now, isn’t that just a darn pretty thought?  In my experience, it’s mostly floated by HRC supporters to try to quell any discussion of Clinton’s negatives; the one Sanders supporter I know who shared the image removed it as soon as someone said “well, actually, this is a great time to bring up the issues with each of them.” And guess who has more issues.  You got it: Secretary Clinton.  Even just in the past few days, she’s made the kinds of fuck-ups that would have doomed her campaign if she didn’t have so many professional surrogates working overtime to ensure her rise to power.  There was the truly epic bout of having “misspoke” about the Reagans’ contribution to “starting a conversation” about AIDS and HIV.  There was the “stay in line and don’t cause trouble” undercurrent in her statement about violence at Trump’s rallies. (And, I mean, compare to Bernie’s, side-by-side.) There was the fiery “where was Senator Sanders when I was trying to fix healthcare reform as First Lady?!?!” and the inevitable clapback from anyone who knows how to use Google.

All of that was just over this weekend.  This shit matters.  Now is exactly the right time to bring up these questions about her character, judgment, and intentions – now, when we still have a chance to decide who goes onto the election in November.  If she’s anointed as the nominee, then – depending on how dire the polls look in my traditionally blue state that has, unfortunately, quite a few pockets of deep red – I’ll have to decide whether to bite the bullet and vote for her, or take a principled stand and write in Beyoncé.  In the meantime, however, I will keep pointing out that she’s bad.  I will keep mocking the paid shills who try to ram her down my throat.  I will do this, and I will happily bid adieu to anyone who blocks or unfollows me for it.  Don’t let the door hit ya where the Lord split ya.

P.S. As @Bro_Pair put it, Bernie got the greatest endorsement of them all:


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