more stars than in the heavens

not in our stars, but in ourselves

an open letter to 2016

Stop it right now.


Prince died today, and that’s an unconscionable loss.  On top of the earlier loss of David Bowie, 2016 is turning out to be a real little cunt.  So please, 2016: stop right now.  If you have to go all Red Wedding on us, please start weeding out some of the more useless members of Congress.

Anyway, look at this: three absolute goddamn legends, plus James Brown’s not-untalented backup band, just winging it.  Prince was supposedly high as a kite – but godDAMN, look at him move.

But seriously, 2016: stop.  Unless you make Bernie Sanders president by the end of it, you can just fuck right off.  I’m going to hibernate for the rest of eternity, bye.


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