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“it’s Friday I’m in hell” roundup

America! [via]

America! [via]

1. It’s not looking especially good for my favorite Democratic Socialist.  He’s not admitting defeat yet, but he’s being treated as little more than a pest by most of the mainstream media and press, and he really will need some truly miraculous numbers in the coming primaries.  Could he still pull it off?  Well, I certainly hope so.  The idea of Clinton vs. Trump (or whoever) is far too depressing for me to want to think about.  Part of that is due to things like this Al Jazeera op-ed piece: more than just the economy is rigged; the entire political system is expertly rigged to preserve the status quo.  And the status quo is not working, for millions and millions of people.  I’m fine.  I’m chillin’.  Under a second President Clinton, I would probably see very little difference – good or bad – in my life.  I’m not fired up about this because I worry about myself, though.  I worry about people continuing to be paid a slave wage, and I worry about electing a war criminal to the White House – because both parties seem to be very, very content to allow the U.S. to commit unconscionable acts of “foreign policy”:

The question is: What is the result of these undemocratic “closed primaries”?

These “closed primaries” are the bottlenecks of a closed political culture, preventing the possibility of any liberating breakthrough into a foreclosed political system.

At the heart of this imperial republic that effectively rules the world with its military might (not with any moral courage or political legitimacy), we have an electoral process that systematically bars any critical judgment of its own citizens to disrupt its mindless militarism. American citizens are as much trapped inside this corrupt system as people around the globe are at the mercy of its fighter jets and drone attacks.

These two parties, Republican and Democratic, are today functioning like two identical but competing Orwellian Ministries of Truth – systematically, consistently, unabashedly disallowing any critical thinking or nonviolent democratic action to enter and disrupt the always-already rigged election.

So, you know, fuck it.  I saw someone railing against people threatening to leave the U.S. if Bernie doesn’t win: stay and fight, they say.  Don’t be a quitter.  All due respect (and that attitude is due precious little respect): there is no way to fight this shit.  We had a chance to elect someone who truly wanted to change things for the better, who had genuinely great ideas, who was inspiring millions of people to get involved, but the party machine has very nearly crushed him and everything he’s been fighting for.  Fuck that, fuck this country.  I am deadly serious when I say that, if anyone in Australia, the U.K., New Zealand, or some other more civilized place where they’re kind to anglophones, has any leads on work visas, you should get in touch with me.  I don’t think I’m going to want to be here for the next 4-8 years.

2. While I’m complaining about HRC: granted, approximately 99.9% of what Trump says is horseshit, including his allegation that Clinton is playing the woman card.  But she just can’t leave well enough alone, and she came up with some dumb goody for her supporters to buy, and I don’t know.  I’m overly sensitive on this subject, I know.  I truly dislike her as a person, and disagree with her politically.  It’s hard for me not to get mad about everything she does – so I’ll let Gawker’s Kelly Stout do it for me:

Hillary’s campaign fired back about twenty-four hours later with some Tracy-Flick approved meme action, offering an official “Woman Card” to she (or he—it’s 2016, or didn’t you know?) who donates to the Hillary campaign.

Shortly after the tweet went out, the sound of innumerable 29-year-old Clinton campaign social media deputies who love to say they “survive on Diet Dr. Pepper and adrenaline” and would, later that night, go on to Instagram images of their empty refrigerators (#CampaignLife, #ImWithHer) congratulating each other could be heard from Gawker Media’s Chelsea office, if faintly.

The card, which seems to be some kind of visual metonymy or “joke,” and not an actual card, appears to contain a magnetic strip, similar to the ones found on the bottom of New York City’s MTA Metro Cards. It’s a funny little gag, you see, because Hillary knows what Metro Cards are, and she can laugh at herself, because she is a relatable New Yorker.

Sigh.  Well, whatever.  In the interest of full disclosure, I did chip in money to get myself a Birdie Sanders sticker:

So I’m just as bad, I guess. (But isn’t it cute?  I love it.)

3. One last jab at HRC’s surrogates, who are dumb as fucking rocks and deserve to be pelted with the same.  They’ve been wringing their hands at Bernie’s opposition to a soda tax, citing it as a right-wing position, because right-wing politicians – who, remember, are just generally opposed to taxes – also fight against soda taxes.  Well.  From Rugged Egalitarianism:

Krugman argues that because “heavy soda consumption really is destructive, with the consequences falling most heavily on low ­income children,” Sanders is “very much on the wrong side here.” He then accuses Sanders of wading into the issue only for the cynical purpose of throwing a “political Hail Mary pass.”

Oh dear.

The issue is how best to fund a plan for universal pre-school in Philadelphia. One proposal is a regressive tax on sweetened drinks; the other is to tax the wealthy more heavily.

[…] Believe it or not, Paul Krugman, the poor don’t feed their children less healthy juice box drinks because they are slovenly dumbasses who want to make their kids obese. They do so because of an absence of low-cost healthy alternatives. But maybe Krugman thinks they can just take a bus uptown to Whole Foods and pick up a 12-pack of some organic carrot-beet-ginger-lime concoction at three times the price.

There are so many well-paid, “respected” op-ed writers who deserve to do ten years in a labor camp, and they are really showing their asses during this election cycle.

4. Vox is shit and you shouldn’t read it.

5. Look who’s joined the cool club of Bernie Bros:

Just saying: if people like Lynch, Susan Sarandon, Spike Lee, Robert Reich, Joan Baez, Marcy Kaptur, Pussy Riot, Bill Moyers, Cornel West, Rob Delaney, Danny De Vito, Danny Glover, and Harry Belafonte are supporting one candidate; and people like Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, Katy Perry, Henry Kissinger, and a Koch brother are supporting the other; well…do I need to draw you a map?

6. The best pundit in the game, the entirely fictional Carl Diggler, has written the only thing that has ever made me interested in Game of Thrones: who’s who among candidates and would-be candidates and commentators.  Sample:

Hillary Clinton is Olenna Tyrell

Like Olenna, who guided the Tyrell clan to becoming one of the richest houses, Lady Hillary has built a fortune from her speeches at the Iron Bank while committing just a few assassinations along the way (as erstwhile foe Maester David Brock tried to expose in the Highgarden Project). She shrewdly married her daughter Lady Chelsea into the wealthy House Mezvinsky and kept a lid on the off-script outbursts of her bumbling Lord Bill Clinton (Mace Tyrell). But although Lady Hillary thinks the Oval Throne is finally within her grasp, she is poised to be arrested any day now by the Gold Cloaks for the crime of having a private Maester (e-mail server) and sending illegal crows to Ser Sidney Blumenthal.

My boyfriend quibbled with some of the character assignments, but he also didn’t read every paragraph in full, so I am dismissing his opinion. (Sorry, honey.  I love you!)

7. I work in higher education.  I have to deal with academics all the time.  They are making my hair go grey and they are turning me into a functioning drunk.  As such, I wasn’t surprised by any of the events detailed in this Gawker post (and I’m not even going to name names, because I am dead certain the whiny little baby professor in question has Google alerts for his own fucking name).  Tenured professors are, more often than not, thin-skinned, emotionally stunted, insufferable shits with an apparent allergy to reality.  How else could you describe someone who argued forcefully for publishing the anti-Muslim cartoons Charlie Hebdo ran in the New York Times in the interest of “free speech”, and who later emailed his buddies at Esquire to get them to delete a post that made fun of his bullshit?  Fuck that guy.

8. As excited as I am to see Swan Lake at the Boston Ballet next month, I am concerned about the work conditions as described by Misa Kuranaga in this Boston Magazine interview:

It’s the second time you’re playing Odette and Odile in Mikko Nissinen’s version ofSwan Lake. How will this year be different from 2014?

Everything is very different this year. First, I’m not dancing with the same partner. Then, the partner whom I was going to dance with unfortunately had to bow out at the last minute [due to injury]. I’ll perform with a guest artist [Gonzalo Garcia], but he dances with New York City Ballet, so he’s not here right now.

Have you been able to practice with Gonzalo at all?

Just a few times, maybe a few hours. [Laughs] It’s not ideal to have no partner until the week that we’re performing. He’s coming two days before the premiere. But you know, this is what I’ve got this year, and Gonzalo is an amazing artist, amazing dancer, amazing person, so I feel totally comfortable and I’m so happy to dance with him. But yes, it is a very different situation this year.

Another difference is that last year we had Swan Lake in the beginning of the season. We were all fresh and only working on Swan Lake for two months. This year, we’re doing it at the end of the season with the mixed program, Mirrors. The second week and on, we’re going to be mixing in and out—maybe Mirrors for the matinee, Swan Lake at night, and again the next day, something like that. For dancers, it’s a really hard thing to do, coming from contemporary to putting your body into classical ballet shape. It really has been a difficult process this year, I must say.

Poor girl sounds so worn out!  I know it’s their job to exert themselves beyond the point that most of us humans could ever imagine…but I hope none of them are really overdoing it.

9. Yes, I am still sad about the Lang/von Harbou/Klein-Rogge triangle.  What’s wrong with me?  I don’t know.  Lots, I expect.

10. I viraled yesterday.

It was exhausting.  Also, that’s my Twitter, so follow if you want.


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