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Monthly Archives: May, 2016

The heart is a lonely hunter

There are plenty of movies about love and the complexity (or agony, or ecstasy) of human relationships.  Some of them are happy, some are sad; some are keenly observed, some … Continue reading

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The Night Manager Cometh

  “Shh!  This is spy stuff!” – John le Carré or Chico Marx, I can never remember who Someday I’ll regret admitting to this, but here it is: I often … Continue reading

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our modern maidens

A brief note: I now have a Letterboxd account.  You can follow me, or stalk me, and make fun of me (but please don’t). For those of you unfamiliar with … Continue reading

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Appropriately, ironically, whatever the case may be, I appear to have gotten myself into a bit of a Kubrickian bender.  Not Kubrick himself, per se; but I’ve clearly been watching … Continue reading

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Mad Max: Primary Road

[This might be the last of these that I do, but no promises.] “Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in search of our better selves?” That, indeed, … Continue reading

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whole lotta roundin’ up

I have been amassing many reasons to be Mad and Red and Nude Online, so here we go. 1. I’m shocked, shocked to my very foundation that there are paid … Continue reading

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Room 237

Here’s the terrible thing about conspiracy theories: you’re unlikely to find someone else who agrees that yours is entirely right.  If you’ve accepted the “conventional wisdom” about how something happened, … Continue reading

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