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“What if…”: Movies reimagined for another time & place

This has been floating around the internet for a while, but I came upon it in my travels again today – and it’s just so good.  Peter Stults has recast and redesigned posters for movies released in the post-studio era as if they’d been made and released during the studio era’s height.  I love playing this game myself – what if Hitchcock had directed Black Swan? what if Marilyn Monroe had starred in Legally Blonde? – so this series absolutely delights me.  These are my favorites – but do go check out the whole series.


Let’s hope they get Sammy Davis, Jr., in there as well.


Yes, good.


Presumably set somewhere other than Scotland – perhaps Marseilles.


Can you imagine William Holden in that zero-gravity fight? I can, and am. Mmmmm.


This is so perfect that I can’t believe it’s not real.


Latter-day Jimmy Stewart as precursor to latter-day Bill Murray – strange, but true.


Not that it isn’t a great film already, but how much greater would it have been as an Ufa film?


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